A substitute must also be good

Choosing the right quality car filters is a very important factor in the vehicle’s operation. Too low, inadequate filtering parameters can cause many faults as well as engine, power supply and air conditioning system malfunction.

Most drivers assume that high quality filters are guaranteed by the original product. However, their availability and price make mechanics often use substitutes. In this case caution should be taken, because often low and tempting price may mean low quality filters that do not provide effective protection. Deepening into the construction of the filter, and not the outside appearance, will allow to notice significant differences.

PZL Sędziszów S.A. offers replacement oil, fuel, air and cab filters for the most popular brands and models of vehicles. All our products meet the requirements for original parts or are of comparable quality.

Good filtration properties of our products comprise many factors. An important one is the effectiveness of filtration, which determines the amount of contaminated impurities supplied to the filter. Absorption (capacity) determines the amount of impurities that a filter can take before it needs to be cleaned or replaced. Another important parameter is permeability, i.e. the amount of dust that has not been stopped by the filter. Among others, it is worth mentioning the diligence of designing and manufacturing the product, e.g. a properly constructed filter baffle, and in oil filters – valve opening pressure and hydraulic characteristics of the new product.

What to look for when choosing a filter?

Air filter:

  • gasket shape: imprecise shape reduces technical parameters and causes leaks
  • filter paper and pleats: delamination of the pleats allows penetration of pollutants between layers; they should be spread evenly
  • PZL Sędziszów air filters achieved filtration efficiency of 99.98% during testing in a testing and measuring laboratory.

Fuel and oil filter:

  • thread: if it’s badly made, it will prevent assembly
  • gasket: it should be 100% leakproof; leakage of fuel may cause fire, oil leakage – engine seizure

Cabin filter:

  • pleats can’t be spot glued but continuously glued to the side strip to ensure tightness
  • shape of the first and the last pleat: must be bent outward

The tests showed identical parameters of our filters as competing products. The quality and reliability of the Sędziszów PZL filters have been confirmed by many studies on research positions and materials used in the production of filters are tested and checked in a quality control laboratory.