Designed and manufactured using the latest technology, air dryers are primarily dedicated to the pneumatic systems for trucks. These solutions allow for efficient separation of a minimum of 90% of water, thanks to which they turn out to be an effective treating device.

Their task is, first and foremost, the separation of water vapor contained in the air released by the working compressor. Thus they help to maintain various and comfortable systems of environmental conditions which are conducive to the efficient functioning.


Many systems for the smooth functioning of mechanical machines are based on compressed air. Please note, however, that its temperature (dew point temperature) is much lower in the natursl environment than the one in the installation applications. That is why in the applications very often the condensation takes place, which – as a natural impurity – enters along with the air intaken from the external environment to a given mechanical system. This phenomenon is prevented by the air dryer, which task is to separate the water to the maximum extent.

Implementations that are in our offer are the parts made on the basis of the elements derived from the best manufacturers in the industry. We have no doubt that their effective functioning will reduce the risk of corrosion, freezing of the equipment (especially in case of low external temperature) or even a larger installation failure. The water, which in the course of the examination process is separated, thanks to the proper structure of our devices is derived outside the system. A solution that we suggest retain their functionality and performance regardless of the temperature.

The durability of our dryers is 18 months for new compressors and systems with an oil separator, and 12 months for old compressors with high oil consumption, if an the oil separators has not been used.