Air filters with a pre-filter

Air filters used in cars, trucks, tractors and agricultural machines allow to keep the engine in good condition and its trouble-free operation. They are sometimes referred to as the “lungs of the engine” as they are mounted in its enclosure and form a part of the intake system, and their main task is to take care of the clean air that is involved in the combustion process of the fuel mixture.
It is very important to regularly check and replace the air filters, if they are contaminated, they can cause a drop in engine power, higher fuel requirements, and even damage to the cylinders, pistons and piston rings. Throughput is their key feature. If it is too low, it can cause the filtering system to be incorrect.
In addition, it is important to shape the seal, the appropriate distribution of filter paper and pleats.
The air filters with pre-filters made of polyester or polyurethane foam are also available on the market. The main task of the pre-filters is to pre-clean the air so that the proper filter compartment is not blocked by larger impurities. These filters are used in cars, trucks, and even mowers, while operating the vehicle in difficult conditions with a lot of contaminants and dust, such as driving on unpaved roads.
PZL Sędziszów S.A. tested two air filters for Alfa Romeo and Fiat, with a ref. no. of WA50252 and WA59252. The first one was the regular filter, while the other was the filter with a pre-filter. The tests results clearly show that the capacity of WA59252 dry filter (with a pre-filter) is greater than 140 g compared to WA50252 and the value of 89 g. The air filter with a pre-filter showed the performance better by 0.2%.
PZL Sędziszów S.A. offers a range of the air filters and the air filters with pre-filters for cars and lawn mowers. For more information on the availability of this type of products, please contact our customer advisors.
We recommend regular inspection and replacement of the air filters once a year, since this will avoid costly repairs. In the laboratory tests, the air filters of PZL Sędziszów reached the filtration efficiency at the level of 99.98%.