Functional and powerful in its operation, cabin air filters are used to purify air taken from outside a given system. In this way, it is possible to prevent the implementation into it such dirt particles like pollen, fungal spores, dust, smoke or exhaust particles. All of them can harm the smooth functioning of the system and significantly shorten its life.

Regularly replaced cabin air filter will also prevent the harmful impact of rubber particles coming from the rubbed out automotive tyres, as well as quartz. Therefore one should remember keep the equipment we offer in the full efficiency and the readiness for effective air purification from all kinds of impurities. This is of the utmost importance also for the health of drivers, especially those who are struggling with allergies or other respiratory diseases.

Our offer

We offer two types of cabin air filters:

  • anti-pollen models, enriched with a special fiber, which serve to treat the air intake from the outside with all sorts of dusts and dirt (these items have an extra reinforcement and a seal)
  • models with the active carbon, which have a specially prepared layer absorbing gaseous pollutants (mainly sulphur and nitrogen compounds, hydrocarbons and ozone); they also help in the fight against unpleasant odours.
Anti-pollen cabin air filters


In the production of our equipment special polyester-polypropylene fibres were used which allow to increase the degree of dirt absorption (including bacteria and pollens which are present in the air) and make a very high bandwidth of our implementation conditional. Thanks to those elements, cabin air filters also effectively absorb unpleasant odors which cause the feeling of discomfort or gases which are harmful to the respiratory system. It is worth noting that they are parts which have no substances harmful to health and considered dangerous.


Cabin air filters with the activated carbon
Cabin air filters with the activated carbon


The materials used for the production of our implementations are derived from the best manufacturers, among others: AHLSTROM i NEENAH GESSNER.

While choosing an air cabin filter, attention should be paid to:

  • the tightness of the fastening pleats to the side slat
  • the first and the last pleat of a fibre which should be curved outwards.

The use of modern cabin air filters that we provide allows to maintain optimal working conditions of a driver.