Modern and made on the basis of the latest technology of production hydraulic filter is the solution which allows to effectively remove all sorts of pollution from the working fluid. The systems we offer will undoubtedly cope with such contaminants as: chemical compounds, oxidation products bacteria, acids, and even water. In this way, they will help to ensure that the relevance and the quality of the working fluid are high.

Functionality and productivity of the hydraulic filters prepared by us results in their universal application. They are used primarily in the wider construction, shipbuilding, engineering and heavy industry, as well as in agriculture and the mass transport (mostly in trucks and buses, where they serve as the assist filters and the gearbox filters).



We offer the following types of hydraulic filters:

    • High-pressure filters
    • Low-pressure filters
    • Return-line filters
    • Slot filters
    • Fillers and breathers

Thanks to cooperation with the best brands and having an extending and longlasting experience in the design and manufacture of this type of solution, we were able to prepare the filters which have exceptional properties. Each of our hydraulic filters has special compartments, which are made of special high-quality paper, glass fibres, synthetic materials and stainless steel mesh. Filter materials are characterized by the highest quality and come from the world’s leading manufacturers, who enjoy the confidence and appreciation of customers. These are the brands such as: AHLSTROM, NEENAH GESSNER, BOPP.

Our equipment includes a wide range of pollution indicators and has an excellent cleaning ability with the low flow resistance – that is why it is used in a variety of industries. The elements we offer are designed to operate in a wide range of pressure and flow rates. Thus they allow to increase the functionality and performance of many machines.

Filtration accuracy of our hydraulic filters varies from 3 to 100 µm, depending on the application.