filtry-olejuThey are responsible for filtering the engine oil. Oil filters trap all toxins and impurities supplied with the air and fuel , formed as the result of abrasive wear of the working parts of the engine or the result of chemical processes related to the work of the engine. Every oil filter eventually becomes worn out – which is shown in the viscosity of the means responsible for lubrication of the engine. The effect of intensive operation can be an increase in fuel consumption, the decrease in engine performance, and in extreme cases – its damage.

Periodic replacement

Oil filters do not prevent from degradation of lubricating preparations, therefore they should be replaced according to the recomendations of the car manufacturer. It is recommended that systems responsible for cleaning processes should be replaced each time when replacing the engine oil.

Our filters keep the oil in all parts of the engine in pristine condition, while providing a very high filtration performance over a longer period of use. All that is achieved due to the following elements:

  • seal, ensuring the tightness of the element we provide while operating
  • cover with thread for easy installation and proper fastening
  • housing made of metal sheet, resistant to mechanical damages
  • reinforced core, required for operation of big compression forces
  • check valve, effectively protecting against streaming the lubricant for engine towards the pump (from the pure side, the valve prevents from the occurence od the “dry start” phenomenon)
  • safety valve that allows for precise selection of the value of the opening pressure, which provides a continuous lubrication of the engine at the excessive contamination of the oil filter
  • cleaning paper with the addition of synthetic fibers, impregnated with resins, resistant to temperature differences and acids resulting from the chemical reaction; deep embossments provide an even distribution of pleats




Filtration material

The materials used in our oil filters are characterized by highest quality and come from the world’s leading manufacturers: AHLSTROM, HOLLINGSWORTH & VOCE COMPANY, NEENAH GESSNER.

Special EKO inserts can help to control the state of the insert and its rapid replacement, as well as reduce up to 90% of the wastes and lower the operating costs.

When choosing a particular model, we recommend to pay attention to:

  • thread – poorly manufactured makes the assembly impossible
  • reinforcing core – poor quality ones deform due to impact of pressure differentials
  • seal quality – oil leakage can result in an engine seizing up

The accuracy of the filtration of our oil filters is 10 – 25 µm.