Production of protective agents for photovoltaic installations

We have opened a production line for protective agents for photovoltaic installations. We offer a wide range of junction boxes equipped with surge arresters by Pheonix Contact, a leader in electrical connection technology and industrial automation.

We provide our customers not only with a product, but also with professional help and advice.

Photovoltaic installation is a special type of electrical installation. It is a manufacturing device and as such must be subject to special requirements that place particular emphasis on safety issues.

Effective protection against lightning currents and surges is important for both DC and AC parts of PV installations. Surge arresters are the devices used for protection against surges. They are built so as to repeatedly drain surges in the network and if they do not fail or there is no current exceeding the capabilities of a given apparatus, they can work effectively for many years, hence the correct technical selection is so important.