BG841 Battery

Battery for electric bikes, e-bikes, made of new cells additionally selected by our machines. The cells are welded automatically, which guarantees strong regular welds with a thick nickel plate, which perfectly dissipates heat.
The battery pack secured with BMS system has been placed in the popular Hi-Long housing. The housing is additionally sealed at the last stage of production.
The battery connects to the rail through gold-plated round pins – this solution additionally stabilizes the battery and allows for an efficient flow of energy.
The rail is bolted to the bicycle frame in the bottle holes (there are wires for the controller in it). The battery is inserted into the rail and secured by a mechanical lock against being removed by unauthorized persons.
Charging the battery is done by connecting the charger, which plugs into a standard electrical outlet.
The battery can be connected to most electric bikes on the market using the appropriate cables.
Note: The USB socket is not intended for charging electrical devices

Type of battery: 13S5P Li-ion
Cells: Samsung INR18650-35E
Nominal Voltage: 48V
Max Voltage: 54,6V
Capacity: 17,5Ah
Energy: 840Wh
Max current: 35A
Max power: 1911W